I couldn’t stay. Not with every memory of us littering the streets of the city, playing out like the scenes of a movie. The corner store where we’d buy off-brand Oreos and use them as spoons for the pints and pints of ice cream we’d go through in a weekend. The local coffee shop where… Continue reading Moving


Colorful Perspective

There was a time in my life when I swore I would never see color. The hues of blues in the summer sky cut sharply by the yellows and oranges of the burning sun would never leave me speechless. The deep red of the blood that poured out of my many wounds would never even… Continue reading Colorful Perspective



Roots   The roots tried to spread throughout the garden. The vines rose and climbed up the walls, And entangled in the rooftop gutters. The rainwater built, Up and up and up, Drowning her.   Spreading far and wide, but never deep, The roots tried to conquer all dry land. The sun couldn’t reach the… Continue reading Roots