We were two flames, dancing in the darkness Under the evening moon of a winter night. With each gasping breath for air, speaking whispers And roaring promises of burning light. Consuming all the brush beneath our heavy feet, We danced a path across the land. Rising higher and higher with each passing wind,… Continue reading Flames



I was supposed to be a ray of sunshine. I wanted to be everything you needed. I wanted to fill you with light so that you may always know which way to go, and that light would always lead you back to me. For so long I tried to give you my light. You brought… Continue reading Rise



It is here, on a nearly empty beach on a mysteriously breezy winter’s night, that you realize he is your missing piece. He’s pointing out the planes in the sky, each one with a series of letters and numbers that mean nothing to you, but everything to him, and such everything to you, and he’s… Continue reading blink


On the 17th Day of Blogmas My True Love Gave To Me: Puns!

Christmas Falalalaughs As promised, I am dedicating an entire blogmas post to Christmas puns. Try not to bang your head against the table too hard as you are reading these terribly cheesy puns.   Do you like Christmas puns? Yule love these   Why did Santa study music? To improve his wrapping skills!   Are… Continue reading On the 17th Day of Blogmas My True Love Gave To Me: Puns!

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Blogmas Day #9: Let’s Fight with Love

Hello all! Day 4 of the More Love Letter's campaign passed, but I haven't yet posted my letter. The request was for Charlene, read her story, Charlene’s daughter is requesting a bundle for her brave mother! She shared: “My mom is the strongest, most independent woman I know. She's my best friend. I'm one of… Continue reading Blogmas Day #9: Let’s Fight with Love