I couldn’t stay. Not with every memory of us littering the streets of the city, playing out like the scenes of a movie. The corner store where we’d buy off-brand Oreos and use them as spoons for the pints and pints of ice cream we’d go through in a weekend. The local coffee shop where… Continue reading Moving



    We were two flames, dancing in the darkness Under the evening moon of a winter night. With each gasping breath for air, speaking whispers And roaring promises of burning light. Consuming all the brush beneath our heavy feet, We danced a path across the land. Rising higher and higher with each passing wind,… Continue reading Flames



Roots   The roots tried to spread throughout the garden. The vines rose and climbed up the walls, And entangled in the rooftop gutters. The rainwater built, Up and up and up, Drowning her.   Spreading far and wide, but never deep, The roots tried to conquer all dry land. The sun couldn’t reach the… Continue reading Roots



It is here, on a nearly empty beach on a mysteriously breezy winter’s night, that you realize he is your missing piece. He’s pointing out the planes in the sky, each one with a series of letters and numbers that mean nothing to you, but everything to him, and such everything to you, and he’s… Continue reading blink



The air was knocked out, Of my lungs, And the scream I made, Was deafening. The chill of the breeze, And ferocity as it comes, Is not what left me, Trembling. But rather the harsh landing, Of the floor, Suddenly, as I fell from, Above. Neither a scrape nor a bruise, Left, but something more:… Continue reading Fallen



I was your eraser. I helped you forget. You were to be my chaser, Not my first regret.   I tried to be your light. I tried to be enough. You played me like a fiddle, Who’s never played with love.   I was captivated by your spark. I was the moth to flame. Who… Continue reading deny

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Blogmas Day #10: Things We’ve Learned from Christmas Movies

I've made it to day 10! I am actually super proud that I've posted everyday of December. So lately, I've been really into reading motivational lessons and discussions so I thought I would make my own about Christmas movies. Have some of your own? I'd love to hear them in the comments. Lessons We’ve Learned… Continue reading Blogmas Day #10: Things We’ve Learned from Christmas Movies

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Blogmas Day #9: Let’s Fight with Love

Hello all! Day 4 of the More Love Letter's campaign passed, but I haven't yet posted my letter. The request was for Charlene, read her story, Charlene’s daughter is requesting a bundle for her brave mother! She shared: “My mom is the strongest, most independent woman I know. She's my best friend. I'm one of… Continue reading Blogmas Day #9: Let’s Fight with Love

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Blogmas Day #5: Day 2 of Love Letters

The request for day 2 really pulled on my heart strings. It takes a lot of courage and strength to go through as much heartbreak as Meredith and Patty did. I hope we can all help them through the love in our letters. Mail all letters by December 20!Tuesday, December 5 Patty and Meredith are… Continue reading Blogmas Day #5: Day 2 of Love Letters

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Blogmas Day #4: More Love Letters!

I am so excited to announce that I have joined the More Love Letters movement! It was created by a TED speaker and amazing author named Hannah Brencher to deliver bundles of letters to those who need a little extra love. Join the challenge! Read from their website: "From December 4-15, The World Needs More… Continue reading Blogmas Day #4: More Love Letters!