I was your eraser.

I helped you forget.

You were to be my chaser,

Not my first regret.


I tried to be your light.

I tried to be enough.

You played me like a fiddle,

Who’s never played with love.


I was captivated by your spark.

I was the moth to flame.

Who knew that fire was artificial?

Not even of its name.


Although fake, I still got burnt,

And you turned out the lights.

You didn’t win, and you didn’t lose,

Cowards don’t show up to fights.


You walk with your head high,

Like the game was never played.

Turn your head, we never were, so,

You got out of this unscathed.


It’s smart of you to look away,

To just castoff, to run, deny.

Your flame became the spark to

My fireworks in your sky.


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