Day 16 of Blogmas: Forbidden



Falling for your thoughts,

Like a torrential downpour.

As your heart sealed shut,

I only craved us more.


Distance was my ally,

But timing was my foe.

You were a wish gone awry,

Like an ember in the snow.


Boundaries had been set,

Like the tape to a crime scene.

But words can’t be unsaid,

My actions never unseen.


Two pairs of golden green eyes,

Two pairs of wandering hands.

“Run away,” my mind advised,

With my soul stuck in quicksand.


I begged you to stay close,

As long as we don’t touch.

We gave into the ghost,

That pulled us in too much.


The words echoed in my mind,

Thoughts that kept me hidden.

All I wanted was the fruit,

The world warned me was forbidden.



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