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Blogmas Day 14: Dear Fear

So it’s kinda weird, but I like writing letters to and from different parts of myself. It helps me acknowledge how I feel and do something about it. I write to my fear, my self-doubt, my ambition, my self-esteem, etc. This series of letters is to and from my fears. Try it sometime!


Dear Jennifer,

You can’t go up on that stage without making a fool of yourself.

People are staring at you. People notice your flaws.

Your dreams are too risky, and too far for you to reach.

That dress is too short, you look like a slut.

That shirt is too baggy, you look fat.

If you try, you will fail.

If you fail, you are a failure.

If you are a failure, why are you even still working?

I am keeping you safe in your comfort zone, why leave it?

With you every step of the way,



Dear Fear,

I have lent you the feather pen to my story too many times. Your voice has grown too loud and too confident for my liking. Lurking in the shadows, you seem like a big towering monster that is about to tackle me any moment. But I know you are made up of little tiny pieces and lies that I have let creep into the crevices of my mind and overtime have built up into something that stands a chance against me. You come out just to knock me down, and then curl up into your usual position until you are strong enough to strike me again. You write novels about my insecurities and break apart my victories like they never even mattered. You yell at me, you yell about me, and I’ve believed you for too long.

Well, listen up fear. I will tackle you. Maybe not all at once, but piece by piece, lie by lie, until you are nothing but a speck. I will do it by doing. I will do the things you say are risky, or the things you say I can’t. I will stand tall on the stage. I will try, and I might fail, but I will never be a failure and I will never stop working. I know who I am with you, now it is time for me to find out who I am without you. No longer will I wear your glasses, the glasses that make me see myself in a different and harsher light. I will see myself, and you will see that you are no match for me.

Scared yet?



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