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Blogmas Day #9: Let’s Fight with Love

Hello all! Day 4 of the More Love Letter’s campaign passed, but I haven’t yet posted my letter. The request was for Charlene, read her story,

Charlene’s daughter is requesting a bundle for her brave mother! She shared:

“My mom is the strongest, most independent woman I know. She’s my best friend. I’m one of those lucky women who’s been close to her mother all her life, even through those tough teenage years. She was recently diagnosed with Stage four Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Thankfully, this is a treatable cancer, though the diagnosis was still a blow to all of us, especially my mom. Though she’s a fighter and will fight this with all she has in her, she has understandably been having a really hard time with this illness putting limits on her physically. She does not have insurance and was hoping to continue working, but the disease just takes too much out of her, so she has taken a leave from her job for a while so she can focus on getting healthy again. She has just begun chemo and is preparing to cut her hair as it is already starting to fall out. She has been so strong and courageous during this so far, but she is understandably scared of the unknowns and frustrated by the limits this has put on her body.

My hope is that she can get letters of love, encouragement, and inspiration from people all over the world. I hope that these letters will help her when she is feeling down and struggling with fighting the cancer beast. I think these letters would be a great source of comfort for her when she’s at home alone and needing a pick-me-up. My mom will be getting a full body scan in January to determine if her body is responding to the chemo. I know she will be very nervous before that appointment. These love letters would bring some much-needed positivity.”

Please join us as we pen words of hope + encouragement to Charlene this holiday season!


Charlene’s bundle

℅ Stacy O.

730 Spanish Town Rd.

Apt 1

Baton Rouge, LA 70802

I have a very close friend going through and winning the same fight. My letter is for her, Charlene, and anyone else amidst a battle that they can and will win. My response:

Dear Charlene,

You are one of the universe’s hardiest warriors. I may not know you, but I know this. You are a warrior. You will not quit. Every bone in your tired and fighting body, and every drop of blood coursing through your veins is radiating a faith that is no match for any hardships you face. You radiate love, and laughter, and sometimes loss, but in the end, you always win in love. We will win this fight. Us, you, me, God and the world, all of us fighting together, because a battle fought with love always overpowers one fought with fear.

This may be your fight, Charlene, but never for a second will you fight it alone. We are all here cheering you on, and showing up for you in the love we give. Mother Teresa said, “I know God wouldn’t give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish he wouldn’t trust me so much.” God has given you the battle of a lifetime because he believes you can win it. It was his way of saying, “Okay Charlene, time to buckle up. I know you’re a resilient fighting beast, now it’s time you prove it to yourself.” So, do just that, Charlene. Prove to yourself how hard you can fight. Do it by smiling always, not just on the good days. Do it by taking deep breaths when all feels lost and by repeating mantras like “this too shall pass,” or “my courage is stronger than my fear.” Do it by looking that cancer in its ugly cowardly face and shouting, or even whispering if that’s all you can, “You do not have a hold over me. You do not put my life on pause. You do not define me. I am Charlene. I am strong, beautiful, courageous, kind, and fully deserving of a life of love and happiness. I am the light. I am the love. Nothing can take that away from me.”

The sun will rise tomorrow, just like all your tough days will be replaced by laughter so hard you can’t breathe and picture-perfect moments that have so much love to them a camera could never accurately catch the joy found within them. The love we all carry is so much greater than any fear or doubt this beast has deposited in your life. So, let’s all take each other’s hands and walk straight into this thing. Together, we are unbeatable.

Tying us all together in love,



Please send some love Charlene’s way before Dec 20! Help show the world that together, any battle is worth the fight.

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