Blogmas Day #7: Drinking You In

Happy Blogmas Day 7! I posted this poem awhile back, but somehow it got deleted so here it is! Anyone know why my posts are getting deleted? Help a girl out!

I hope you like it.

Drinking You In


What I do to every second spent with you.

I drink in your eyes,

I drink in your taste,

I finish off my glass,

Pour another, with haste.

Unquenchable thirst,

I’d drink you in forever.

You could be poison,

This poison my pleasure.



How I devoured your entire being,

Not a drop left,

Barren desert, my glass.

Every single drop poured,

Not a second would last.

I’d take all you gave,

Get lost in your eyes.

You stung like a shot,

But sweet as the wine.



How I forever felt in your presence.

Warmth flowing a river,

Stumbling over my words,

Quiet as I stared,

Captivated towards.

You made me dizzy,

But drinking, I kept.

Forever losing my heart,

As by you it was swept.




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