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Blogmas Day #4: More Love Letters!

I am so excited to announce that I have joined the More Love Letters movement! It was created by a TED speaker and amazing author named Hannah Brencher to deliver bundles of letters to those who need a little extra love.

Join the challenge! Read from their website:

“From December 4-15, The World Needs More Love Letters is rolling out its biggest, grandest, most festive love letter writing campaign of the year! 

For the last six years, we’ve been putting a bow on the holiday season by rolling out 12 letter requests over a span of 12 days. That’s no joke… 12 days, 12 letter requests, and a whole lot of holiday loving. The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing is a perfect way for you to show up this season and help people in need around the world. Grab your friends or classmates, kids or students, and rally together to bring some goodwill into the world this December. All you need is some stationery and a few stamps. 

Each day, we will publish a new letter request to the More Love Letters blog. Write one letter or submit a note to all 12 bundles! The choice is yours! All letters should be postmarked by December 20, 2017. Your love letters will be bundled up with other letters from across the world and delivered by the new year!

So pour some hot cocoa, pull out your most festive cards, and join us on social media for a letter writing marathon starting December 4! “

The first letter request was for Chris:

“Chris was born with a severe medical condition that has resulted in many surgeries and repeated hospitalizations over his lifetime. Despite the suffering he experienced, he was a bright and active child. His upbeat and happy demeanor brought joy to many. While in the hospital, he would entertain nurses by singing songs from his favorite cartoon movies. Then Chris would walk down the hall to visit friends and encourage them in their own recoveries.

But as he’s grown and become more aware of the differences between himself and others, Chris has struggled to stay positive. The medical regimen required to keep him alive and relatively healthy is very tiresome. He doesn’t know anyone else with the same conditions and has always felt tremendously isolated.

Now in his mid-twenties, he is feeling desolate because he is still living at home and isn’t able to have a “normal” life like others. He longs for a romantic relationship but doesn’t believe anyone could want him or love him because of his conditions and the resulting physical limitations. Recently, he confided to my mother–his grandmother–that he is so lonely that life doesn’t feel worth living.”

Please join us in spreading cheer + hope to Chris as he struggles with believing he is valuable.


Chris’s bundle

℅ Angie A.

9617 Great Hills Trail

Apt #1235

Austin, TX 78759


So what are you waiting for? Get writing peeps!


Here’s my response to Chris, who I relate to on a very deep level:


Dear Chris,

You are not alone.

             It may seem that way, especially if the only voices you hear around you are yours. The voices may scream lies at you that you will forever be alone, and that that’s what you deserve. But Chris, these lies are out of fear. They fear rejection more than they fear loneliness, and they keep you from ever trying to find a meaningful connection. I know this because I too am plagued by these voices. They’ve kept me from building friendships and relationships, not because I am meant to be alone, but because I’m way more scared of losing people and in being rejected than pure loneliness in the first place. But Chris, there is beauty in the risk.

            Out of the risk may come love, and you are deserving of love. You are full of love. Everyone has a purpose, and if you ask me that purpose is to show people how to love. We show people how to love in our words, but mostly in our actions that back up those words. We show people how to love in our eyes and our smiles and our laughs and our shoulders to cry on and in our undeniable adherence to being ourselves.

            That is all you ever have to be, Chris. All anyone should ever expect for you to be is yourself. Never ever change yourself for someone else. I did that once, and not only did I lose sight of who I was, but in the end, I lost the other person, too. So be yourself. Say weird and unexpected things. Cry when you have to, laugh when you want to. Hell, if you want to wear Christmas socks in the middle of July or go shopping in your pajamas not only would I say go for it, but I’d be right there next to you if I could be. I know I am a complete stranger and I don’t know anything about you, but you’re full of love and kindness and light that deserves to be shared in its most genuine form. People who want you to change don’t deserve you. You deserve the world.

            That doesn’t mean that there won’t be heartbreak. That is a given in forming relationships. Don’t force anything, let the universe, not your expectations of people, decide their role in your life. People will come, and people will go and you should let them, but the people that are meant to be there will stay. And hopefully, so will you. Be a shoulder to cry on, give advice but be aware that most of the time it will be unheeded. Most importantly, acknowledge that you create your own self-worth, which is always independent of those around you. You are loved. You are needed. You are on your way. Don’t stress, let life do its thing. You’re doing just fine.

If you ever want to talk, email me at



I hope you all join the challenge, and find a story that you can relate to and help with. Let’s all do our part to make this holiday season a little more holly jolly!

12 Days Landing Page (where action will take place!)
Hannah’s Blog (which I absolutely LOVE)

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