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Blogmas Day #2: My Favorite Holiday Moments

Happy December!

I’ve randomly decided to do blogmas this Christmas!

For those of you who don’t know, blogmas is a time between Dec 1 to Christmas that bloggers post at least one post per day (so obviously I’m one day late oops). I am going to try to post every day, we will see how that goes. It is probably going to be a mash up of Christmassy stuff and non-holiday related writing. I hope you like it!

 Blogmas Day 2: My Favorite Holiday Moments

I think there’s a reason behind Wendy’s response of “Like toys at Christmas, sleigh bells, snow,” to Peter Pan’s request to think of a wonderful thought. I am crazy for the holidays (crazier than usual, that is). And it’s not because I like getting gifts or eating tons of food (although who doesn’t?) but rather that I love when people come together, and I love to care for other people. I love picking out thoughtful gifts and the happy music and the smiles and time family and friends. To me, that’s what the season is all about.

So, I compiled a list of my 25 favorite holiday moments, which was difficult to condense since I can probably come up with 100 of my favorite things. Feel free to add some in the comments!

  1. Christmas lights: because who doesn’t feel all warm and fuzzy looking at all the pretty decorations.
  2. Getting a friend or family member a thoughtful gift that fits them perfectly and seeing the look on their face when they open it.
  3. Christmas cards with a personalized message: the “i miss you” or “I hope your second semester is going well” or “do you remember when we did this?”
  4. Animals in Santa hats: cuteness factor increased by 1000
  5. Terribly decorated gingerbread houses that you tried so desperately to make look like the image on the box.
  6. Picking up visiting friends and family from the airport
  7. Faculty Christmas parties that originally no one wants to go to but has a blast at anyway.
  8. Secret Santa
  9. The smell of the Christmas tree which can never be truly captured in a Bath and Body Works candle even though they try anyway.
  10. Christmas socks
  11. Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas movie marathon
  12. Christmas carols: I know you can’t help but belt out the lyrics, “All I want for Christmas is YOUUUUU.”
  13. Eating raw cookie dough while you’re baking Christmas cookies because salmonella is worth the risk.
  14. Getting all arts and crafty with your decorations even though they never look as good as they did on Pinterest.
  15. Making ugly Christmas sweaters, and making them a little tooooo ugly if you ask me.
  16. Holiday food and toy drives because giving just feels good.
  17. Decorating the Christmas tree with the whole family and reminiscing when you find an ornament that you made in school or got on vacation.
  18. Elf and all the amazing quotes and memes that come with it. Stick to the four food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. You sit on a throne of lies. Son of a nutcracker. I’m singing, I’m in a store and I’m singingggg.
  19. Unwrapping a candy cane perfectly and making it super sharp in case you need to attack any grinches or scrooges.
  20. ALLLL the desserts, especially the pies, which only seem to be made during the holiday season.
  21. Scented candles that I can never seem to buy enough of.
  22. Michael Bublé- the king of Christmas music
  23. Wrapping gifts and trying your best to make the wrapping picture perfect.
  24. Christmas drinks at Starbucks in their Christmas cups.
  25. Being able to act like a kid again all season long.

Those are my favorite holiday moments. What are yours?


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