Poison Ivy

You picked a fresh, untouched daisy, Said "it's almost as pretty as you" How many petals did you pick, baby? I wish I only knew. You destroyed my petals, But they grew back as thorns, With the steadfast glaring promise, I wouldn't again get burned. In the field, I rose tall, And spread my deadly… Continue reading Poison Ivy



Take my hand, And we’ll dance across the coast. Leaving behind Empty coffee cups, Two pairs of footprints, And laughter in the shaking of the trees.   Hold me tight, And we’ll watch the sunset. Leaving a mark In the hot sand, With the memory of Two pairs of crinkled blue eyes.   Take my… Continue reading fleeting

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Things I’ve Learned from Disney

Things We Learned from Disney Make like Elsa and let it go: forgive and forget, not for the other person, but for you. You owe it to yourself to let go of any negativity holding you back from fully living your life. Run into a childhood foe? Smile and say hi. Grumpy person yells at… Continue reading Things I’ve Learned from Disney