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Some of life’s beautiful little moments

Hey there!!

So I was trying to think of something to post on this blog since I haven’t posted in a week…I have no writing ready or anything. I’ve been really busy with school and it just seems like everything happening around me is negative. You turn on the news…the world is upside down, everything is terrible and it sucks. All people do is complain, Psychology Today did a study and found that 60 and 70 percent of the average students’ spontaneously occurring thoughts are negative. I want to change that, for myself and others.

So I started to think of all the positive things in my life. Then I decided to think of the little things in life that really make my day. They can be small, like a genuine smile, or big, like someone telling you they love you. I kept thinking of “Favorite Things” from Sound of Music when I wrote them down.

And at the end, I did feel happier. Just thinking of these things made my day a little brighter. What are some of your favorite moments? Tell me in the comments 🙂

Some of Life’s Best Small Moments:

  1. Picking up people from the airport
  2. The first cold day of fall
  3. Roasting marshmallows while singing campfire songs
  4. Decorating a Christmas tree
  5. Taking pictures in front of Cinderella’s castle
  6. Going offline for a little while
  7. When someone new remembers your name
  8. When a stranger gives you an unexpected compliment
  9. Good morning texts
  10. Finishing a good book
  11. Waking up to the smell of pancakes and bacon
  12. When your song comes on the radio
  13. Naps
  14. Facetiming your best friend
  15. Cuddling with your dog…or cat…or goldfish
  16. Laughing till you can’t breathe
  17. A cup of tea
  18. Being tucked in
  19. Wearing new clothes
  20. Museums
  21. Finishing the last final or assignment before summer break
  22. Wearing fall sweaters with boots and a scarf that perfectly match
  23. Looking in the mirror and loving what you see
  24. Blankets that just came out of the dryer
  25. Sleeping in
  26. Crossing off those to-do list items
  27. Winning raffles
  28. Funny socks
  29. Free samples
  30. When a stranger makes an effort to help you
  31. Those people that let you merge on the highway
  32. When the lights go down at the beginning of a concert
  33. Baby pictures
  34. Breakfast foods at night
  35. Acing a test
  36. Actually using a planner or calendar and feeling super accomplished and organized
  37. When you have the perfect amount of time to watch an episode of your favorite show before you go out
  38. “I saw this and thought of you. ”
  39. Finishing a hard workout
  40. Looking back at a goal and thinking, “wow, I really did that. ”
  41. Singing at the top of your lungs
  42. Full moons
  43. Sunsets
  44. Brunch dates with friends
  45. Family get-togethers
  46. Baking pies for Thanksgiving
  47. Fireworks on Fourth of July
  48. New year’s resolutions that you actually keep
  49. That cute little noise that kittens make that sounds like a super high-pitched “mew ”
  50. Weddings
  51. Getting handwritten letters in the mail
  52. Re-watching old movies and crying/rejoicing even though you know the ending already
  53. Pictures of your parents when they were younger
  54. Road trips
  55. That new car smell
  56. When someone is cooking or baking and the entire house smells like heaven
  57. When someone makes you soup when you’re sick
  58. The “you are my sunshine” song
  59. Organizing your desk
  60. Meal prep
  61. Scented candles
  62. When you get the last of whatever you were looking for at the store
  63. Actually talking instead of texting
  64. Book quotes
  65. Freshly baked cookies with ice cream
  66. When people laugh at your jokes
  67. The first hug after you haven’t seen someone in a long time
  68. Finding constellations
  69. Throwback songs that never get old
  70. Having absolutely nothing to do all day
  71. Listening to the rain
  72. Having inside jokes
  73. When someone knows your order at a café or restaurant
  74. Heartfelt advice
  75. Having a plan
  76. Not having a plan and being okay with that
  77. The smell of books
  78. Any food that is mickey mouse shaped
  79. Cinnamon in your coffee during fall
  80. Iced tea on a hot day
  81. Seeing fish in the ocean
  82. Getting packages in the mail
  83. Looking at Christmas lights
  84. Wishing on a star
  85. Handwritten thank you notes
  86. People who play instruments
  87. Having someone who knows your favorite color/ice cream flavor/book
  88. Having class cancelled
  89. Finding change on the ground
  90. Wearing Mickey Mouse ears
  91. Good hair days
  92. Confidence
  93. Lazy days
  94. Super productive days
  95. When you have a really bad day but something amazing turns it around
  96. Genuine smiles
  97. Finding out someone is going through the same thing as you and helping each other through it
  98. The first day of summer
  99. When someone at work brings you coffee just the way you like it
  100. Those days where, even if it isn’t perfect, everything feels exactly the way it should.

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